Sound Cloth Net

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Waterproof and dustproof

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Speakers outside that layer of cloth appellation are: speaker cloth, speaker cloth, speaker net. Trumpet cloth production materials are: silk cotton, nylon wire, plastic, wire, metal mesh, metal hole plate and so on. Design for different focus, its role is also somewhat different.

In summary, there are the following points:

1. Decorate. For example, the old radio, computer speakers, is a kind of family decoration, appearance beautiful need.

2. Dust prevention. There is a horn cloth barrier, most of the dust falls on the horn cloth, good for the horn, the horn cloth with soft brush easy to remove.

3. Protect the horn. To prevent the trumpet paper basin from accidental collision, to prevent children from holding the trumpet paper basin. Prevent accidental spills of tea or other water in the paper basin.

4, filter out sharp noise. Indoor is relatively quiet, the ear is very sensitive to some small sharp noise, small power family speaker with the speaker cloth, to some extent filter out some sharp noise. Little effect on bass and middle.



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