Tianhui International Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in April 2003. At the beginning, it mainly engaged in various trade service operations; through years of development and technology accumulation, The company has transformed into a technology-based group company that integrates research, design, production, sales, and services.Main business scope: precision mould, injection molding, spray coating, silk screen printing, audio network, sheet metal stamping, electronic products and international trade.

Tianhui International has extensive experience in the R&D and manufacturing of components for electronic technology products such as civil aviation equipment, automobiles, smart audio, televisions, and 5G products.

        There are currently three subsidiaries:

        •TianJian Precise Molds and Injection Molding (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd.
        •HuiZhou TianShun Precise Co.,Ltd.
        •HuiZhou TianTai Precise Components Co.,Ltd.

        Tianhui International adheres to the concept of "meeting the needs of customers is our goal, and providing customers with products that lead the industry trend and have market competitiveness is our choice", which has not changed in the past ten years. We will continue to aim at "becoming a global leader in high-precision molding", based on "providing customers with products with the best cost-effectiveness", and making continuous efforts in the direction of "providing products and services that exceed customer expectations".